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About Us

"Let the little children come to me."

- Jesus



As a Christian center, it is our belief that each child is uniquely created by God. Therefore, we wish to demonstrate God's love and concern for children in providing a warm and nurturing environment.We are concerned with the good care of your child as well as their potential growth in every area of their life.


We are a semi-structured school. This means that we concentrate on providing activities which the child chooses to participate in, as well as regular school-like learning activities. In our opinion, this balance between structure and free choice introduces your child to the outside world in a realistic way.

Children are entitled to the best that modern knowledge makes available about their education, care and guidance. We thank you for allowing us this opportunity to introduce the Terra Nova Christian Preschool Center - providing loving, nurturing care for your developing child.

Health & Safety

The Coronavirus Pandemic has created many changes at Terra Nova Christian Preschool, as part of our commitment to keep safe the children in our care.

Here are just a few examples:

Rooms and toys are routinely cleaned and sanitized.

Daily outdoor screenings and temperature checks.

Class sizes have been reduced.

Staff has temporary unlimited sick leave.

Tuition credits offered if a child must stay home sick from COVID.

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