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Welcome to

Terra Nova Christian Preschool

Play. Learn. Grow. 



18-36 months

The Jungle Babies Classroom

serves as a gentle introduction to the world of preschool.


3 years - 4 years

The Sea Turtles and Sea Otters are our traditional preschool classrooms, where play-based education is supplemented with an introduction to numbers and letters.



The Big Fish Classroom

is a larger space for our oldest students to be introduced to a Kindergarten-level curriculum that will prepare them to succeed in elementary school.


Our Approach

As a Christian Center, it is our foundational belief that every child in our care is loved passionately by the God who created them. Therefore, it is our responsibility to demonstrate God's love for them by creating a warm and nurturing environment in which they might grow and thrive.

What Parents Think

“We are extremely happy with the quality of service this facility has to offer & I HIGHLY recommend them!! We have referred friends who have in turn, referred their family & friends! Great experience!!!"

Nico S.

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