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January 2020 - December 2020


                                                                                                             Tuition Agreement

                                                                    Infant and Toddler Pre-School Program Monthly Tuition Fees


                                                                                                      INFANT TUITION       (Newborn-18 Months)                                

                                                         FULL TIME MONTHLY FEE                                  HALF TIME MONTHLY FEE

                                                                            5 days - $1845.00                                   5 days - $1430.00 

                                                                            4 days - $1650.00                                   4 days - $1280.00

                                                                            3 days - $1285.00                                   3 days - $ 995.00

                                                                            2 days - $1015.00                                   2 days - $785.00


                                                                                                      TODDLER TUITION    (18 Months- 36 Months)

                                                         FULL TIME MONTHLY FEE                                   HALF TIME MONTHLY FEE


                                                                           5 days - $1345.00                                   5 days - $1040.00

                                                                           4 days - $1205.00                                   4 days - $935.00                                   

                                                                           3 days - $940.00                                     3 days - $725.00

                                                                           2 days - $740.00                                     2 days - $575.00   


 All prices listed above are for a month's tuition.  Tuition is due on the 1st day of each month (we do not bill).  A 10% late fee will be assessed if payment in full is not made by the 5th of each month.  CHILDREN WILL NOT BE ADMITTED if payment is not made by the 10th day of the month.  A charge of $50.00 will be assessed for a returned check. We accept cash, money order, certified check, debit or credit card payments. 


Children that are enrolled in the infant or toddler program as of March 9, 2020 must pay the Infant program tuition fees. For the Infant and toddler program tuition fees are different from preschool program prices. All children that are enrolled in the infant and toddler program will pay the infant tuition prices until the child is thirty six months old.   


There will be no switching of days.  No refunds or credit will be given for absences, illness, and school holidays

or vacations.  Any deviation from your child's normal schedule will be $45.00 Half Day and $65.00 Full Day or 

$12.50 per hour. Terra nova christian preschool's full time schedule is from six o'clock am to six o'clock pm. Terra nova 

christian preschool half time schedule starts at eight o'clock am to twelve o'clock pm and one o'clock pm to six o'clock pm.

 Non-Refundable Registration Fee:  $100.00. Discounts for monthly tuition: Second Child = 10%; Third child = 15%.


                                                                                       Observed Holidays for 2020:


                                                                        January 1st                                  New Year's Day (observance)

                                                                        January 20th                                Martin Luther King Day

                                                                        February 17th                             Presidents' Day

                                                                        April 10th                                    Good Friday 

                                                                        May 25th                                      Memorial Day

                                                                        July 3rd                                        Independence Day

                                                                        September 7th                             Labor Day

                                                                        October 12th                               Columbus Day

                                                                        November 11th                           Veterans' Day

                                                                        November 26th & 27th              Thanksgiving Day & The Day After

                                                                        December 24th & 25th              Christmas Holiday


WITHDRAWAL: Please give a month's notice in advance to withdraw your child from the infant and 

 toddler program.


LATE PICK-UP FEE:  A charge of $2.00 for each minute will be levied (per child) who is on the 

premises after 12:00 noon for the Half-Day program and 6:00 p.m. for the Full-Day program.

If you are interested in the infant or toddler program please leave your information and you will be contacted immediately. 

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